Anche L’Alleanza Libera Europea é stata allertata:luce accesa sulla repressione italiana

EFA party Liga Veneta

EFA party Liga Veneta Repubblica alarmed at arrest of 24 activists




EFA member party Liga Veneta Repubblica (LVG) have expressed their alarm at the arrest two weeks ago of 24 activists involved with the campaign for Veneto independence.


The arrests followed a successful online ‘referendum’ at the end of March which indicated that a large majority of people in Veneto (89%) would support independence. Following the vote, Italian special operations units arrested 24 activists (who have now been released) on allegations of planning a violent campaign aimed at gaining independence for the Veneto region.


LVG leader and EFA Vice-President, Fabrizio Comencini, has criticised the over- reaction of the Italian police for allegations based on flimsy evidence and is calling on the government to take measures over the infringement of civil liberties, notably the right to freedom of expression and the right to self-determination stipulated in UN Treaties ratified by the Italian state.


The EFA party stated that it, “shares its concerns with our member party over the arrests and over any interference in the free, democratic expression of the Veneto people.



“EFA supports peaceful, transparent and democratic processes such as witnessed in Catalonia with its impeccable civil society based pro- independence movement.


“Given Rome’s arbitrary reaction to the ever increasing call for autonomy and independence from Italy’s regions, such open democratic processes are obviously something the Italian government could learn from.”


The Veneto independence process will continue in June with the regional assembly set to discuss two bills for referendums, one for independence and one for more substantive autonomy.

Repubblica alarmed at arrest of 24 activists